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Maude Clifford Public School is a Kindergarten to Grade 6 school with 307 students and 33 staff. The school is located in the Lakeland and Copperwood areas of north-east Grande Prairie. Boundary students attending Maude Clifford Public school will transition to Crystal Park School for Grade 7 and 8.

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Our school opened in September 2009 and is named after Maude P. Clifford who served as the area’s first teacher. Maude Clifford's Biography 

Maude Clifford Public School boasts two oversized gymnasiums, one for community use. We are a learning community that focuses on high expectations for all students, staff and parents.  We strive to provide appropriate challenges for all our students so that they will achieve at high levels. 

Who we are!

Mission: Maude Clifford Public School is a caring, innovative community that fosters academic growth and social responsibility to develop successful life-long learners.

Vision: We provide energetic and enthusiastic learning experiences guided by our vision to deliver instruction that best meets the needs of all our students.


Maude Clifford Public School is home to 307 students; Kindergarten to Grade 6, and 33 staff!



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​School Council our Partners in Education

Parents can get involved in our School Council, more information can be found HERE

​Meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.
School Council Chair contact information and meeting information can be found HERE

At Maude Clifford Public School we...

… prioritize achievement in literacy and numeracy, and recognize they are the foundations of our student's future success. We know that our students thrive in an environment of effective, relevant instruction, grounded in the Alberta Program of Studies, and current research into student learning. Instruction is guided by teachers who engage in extensive learning and reflection about pedagogy and content.

At Maude Clifford, we know that students thrive in an environment where they feel safe and supported, where they're interested in what they're learning, and where they're challenged with engaging, purposeful learning experiences that build on their natural curiosity. Our school's vision of inclusion also encompasses our commitment to our school culture where all students are welcomed and provided opportunities to succeed. Emphasis will be placed on honouring and elevating the distinct and important contributions and perspectives of the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit in our school and in our community.

Our School Education Plan is focused on:

Priority: Teaching and Learning
Outcome: Classroom instruction focuses on literacy and numeracy.

Priority: Inclusion
Outcome: Our school is a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe environment where students, staff and families have a strong sense of belonging

To see our full School Educational Plan and Results Report - Click HERE

Programs of Choice Offered at Maude Clifford

KinderPal Logo and Motto

KinderPAL is an early learning Program of Choice for kindergarten-age students in GPPSD schools. The Play and Learn experience is programming in a classroom setting where students experience peer-based play as they continue developing and growing their knowledge. 

Students will experience full school day learning with kindergarten programming for half their time, and the other half is KinderPAL. It follows the school’s full-day bell schedule and calendar. A certified teacher provides kindergarten curriculum instruction, and a KinderPAL Instructor provides KinderPAL programming.  

See more information about KinderPAL by visiting the Grande Prairie Public School Division site.
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